Yes She Rises

Yes She Rises is a global call-to-action campaign to help marginalized devadasi mothers empower themselves, say ‘no’ to sexual abusers, and build safe homes for their daughters

Yes She Rises is launching a global call-to-action campaign to help devadasis empower themselves within five villages near Hospet. The aim of the campaign is to conduct a week-long workshop for a group of devadasis, document the learning and share it with the world. Our previous experiments with small groups have proved these women are capable of learning a new language and acquire new skills very quickly.

The campaign will center around a 7-day incubator literacy and skills training project for selected groups of devadasis taken from five villages within north Karnataka. The learning process, personal experiences, musings will be documented to create engaging shorts to be shared globally through social media and other. It is our hope that these stories and experiences will inspire others to carry on this work to empower all devadasi communities.

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