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The Upscale Dating App | Lets us Pay for your Dates!

We are a online dating startup with new technology and offline dating as a service. Help us create an awesome Dating App!

In this economy going on one date with one person, one time, you can easily spend $80! What are other dating websites giving you for your upgrade?

We know it would be incredible to be able to date and try new experiences without spending a dollar. Even simple things like Dancing lessons, Yoga class, Food and Drinks. This is unheard of so we decided to put it together with and new technology to video chat on the site if you like. Sign up and chat for free and if you upgrade, Date for FREE!

We are raising funds for the APP. It would be easy to use, do all the functions as the website, people search and message, give people easy access to updates and announcements, and find out where and when our dates and events are from the glance of your phone.

For the Love of everything fun and exciting take up the cause and spread the word even if you don’t contribute, post this link or your website, on your social media page, retweet, put up a video on YouTube and snap chat telling people why this app and service would be awesome! People will remember you told them about us and when we launch they will be in awe saying you told them about this company first.

Being able to accommodate more users and members through the app will help us to host more dates, expand to the rest of the 50 States, and hire more employees!

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