Vascos fond disease

For many years I have been suffering from seizures with severe asthma, severe angioedema, severe joint pain that I can no longer walk and with temporary blindness during seizures.
I went from doctor to doctor and no one could help me. I was with some highly respected professors even and at some clinics. The only thing that helps me to some extent is the antibody Xolair (price: 1000 euros for 2 syringes), high cortisone and other medications helped me hardly. That was all well only the health insurance has recently stopped after 2 years, the acquisition of costs, with On the grounds that the treatment was not economical for me and turned themselves deaf. I have filed a lawsuit in the Social Court but the processing will probably take a long time and as long as I have no injections. Whereby I am getting worse and I can hardly do anything else. My grandfather has already blamed himself. For the transition to the social court has decided what can take a while, I would need about 4000 euros for the Xolair syringes.

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