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First of all, sorry for my bad english, if someone interested to help this little hero, please help me even by improving this text.

You can find the story of Aymen Ben Ibrahim even on internet, some local journalists talked about him but because he is livong in 3rd world country, he did not get any serious help yet, that’s why i try to help at least with this..

Aymen Ben Ibrahim is a 15 years old boy lives in a little village in Tunisia, he had to work for helping his family after his father death, his mom is so old for working and it’s hard in a region like his place for a girl to work, so he had no choice just to leave the school for working for his sisters, his little brother and his mother, i cannot explain the situation of his country (Where i was born as well but i moved) because that’s really too long how for authorities to allow a 15 years boy to work etc.

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