University Students Assist Nonprofits

“As a nonprofit founder myself I can deeply relate to the personal struggles of another founder who has put their blood, sweat, tears and even their entire savings account into to creating their “baby” or in formal terms their cause. We work tireless hours to develop a new program or service, and somehow or another we hope for assurance that it will inspire giving hearts of the masses. Sadly, this is not the case and it’s not because the cause is not worthy; rather it’s because the odds are stacked us. New and emerging nonprofits are invisible, not just due to money but also the lack of business strategy support.

Suffice to say, this is a topic I revisit with almost every new (start-up or very young) organization that contacts our company for support. Now we are asking for your support on helping us raise the funds necessary to create a solution which will enable us to save one cause at a time, thus impact the world.”

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