The Refuge Drafthouse & Cinema

The Refuge Drafthouse & Cinema is dinner, drinks, live music, movies and events all under one roof.

The Refuge Drafthouse & Cinema is a place where you can escape your troubles, immerse yourself in amazing stories and fill your belly with great food. On your menu you will find fresh, and when possible locally sourced food, cold beer from local breweries, fine wines and a selection of handcrafted non-alcoholic drinks. The food and drinks are lifesaving, but the programming… it is life changing. We are not like your typical movie theater, we hate advertisements, will not tolerate the rudeness of unsilenced cell phones, and we strive to entertain you, nay spoil you by providing nightly live music in our bar, special events, concerts, and the best damn movies out there. The best part is that we do it all for a good cause, you and the rest of our community.

The Refuge is at its core a neighborhood theater that brings the surrounding community together. In everything we do we seek to support organizations making a positive difference in our local community, foster a love of film and cinema, and support our team members in donating their time and talents.

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