The Birth of Reason Egg Necklace

The Birth of Reason Egg Necklace is a beautiful signature piece of jewelry: A 1-inch egg shaped object with the earth emerging from it. Made of high quality nickel, it is all silver in color or there is the option of a gold world on silver egg. The necklace is comfortable to wear, yet has a weight to it that serves as a constant reminder to open your heart. The Egg Necklace was designed as a symbol for all women, a talisman for a movement – as women work together in peace to create a world where unity, compassion, love and kindness prevail.

I am an artist, mother, grandmother and the designer of the Egg Necklace. I saw this image when sitting in a Peace Circle with Israeli & Palestinian women at the Global Women’s Peace Initiative at the UN in Geneva in 2002. The egg was a Russian egg that we handed around in order to keep the conversation moving and only the holder of the object could speak. When it was placed in my hand I had a vision of the earth emerging from it. And so I created the necklace for our planet at this moment in our ‘his-tory’, or should I say ‘her-story.’ The time has come for The Birth of Reason.

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