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My grandmother’s name is Velma Givens and I am her grandson Chauncey.This is my first time doing this so please bare with me.

The reason i am raising money is to get my grandmother out of this bad neighborhood and put her back into a more quite and peaceful one. For those who stay in the state of mississippi knows that jackson is a very violent city with a high rate of crime. Its always on the news every day with a person loseing there life.I have grown older with more responsibility leaving it hard for me to check on her everyday like i use to. My grandmother lives in west jackson off woodrow wilson and martin luther king drive. Just around the corner from lanier high school. If your unfamiliar with jackson im asking to pull up lanier high school in google maps and skim the streets and you will see what it actually looks like. For years Iv been washing cars, and cutting grass trying to save up to help purchase her a decent house in a good neighborhood. Ive tried for loans but denied by all banks because i dont have the credit and a large enough down payment. If you could help donate anything even a single dollar would help. It would be greatly appriciated.

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