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Dear Giving Community,

My name is Terence Dodson, Executive Director of I am writing on behalf of to ask you to consider supporting a very important initiative that will benefit our homeless neighbors in rural Georgia. For those who may not be familiar with our work, is a charitable 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded to support individuals and families in need. In today’s complex society, it is often very difficult to overcome hardships. Misfortune can come in many forms and are not usually due to a person’s own actions. In virtually every community there are those who struggle to meet basic needs for a variety of reasons that could include the loss of a job, a lack of transportation, medical issues, a disability, a family crisis, terrorist attacks or natural disasters.

Far too many struggling individuals and families suddenly find themselves homeless. Imagine sleeping in the shadows on winter streets, knowing that there is a safe, warm shelter just five miles away – a shelter with showers, hot meals clean clothing, and important resources. Only five miles away – yet you can’t get there because you have no transportation.

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