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My name is Robert DeFelice and I have a disability known as Cerebral Palsy. It affects my fine motor skills and the lower extremities of my body. Cerebral Palsy is a birth defect that resulted from me not getting enough oxygen because I was prematurely born. My disability has presented me with a lot of struggles and over the years I’ve often looked into different forms of therapy and different things I could do to combat this disability. Stem cell therapy is something that I have desired to try for many years now, however, the issue is one treatment can cost up to $15,000. Depending on where I go, this can cover for one treatment plus banking of the cells or just a single treatment. Health insurance does not cover this kind of thing has a lot of people still feel it is very experimental. I have looked into some results of stem cell therapy on Cerebral Palsy and I’m very impressed with what I see. I am somebody who is not very comfortable ever really discussing my disability. I am very fortunate in that my intelligence is intact but the physical effects can be very disheartening. It’s something that I feel hinders me a lot. Stem cell therapy might help me become more capable and independent, for example, I’d like a better shot at getting my license, and that’s really all I’m looking for. All I want is a chance, an opportunity to become somebody on the outside that better represents the person reflected by my intelligence. My goal is to hopefully make enough for one treatment to see how this will affect my disability and hopefully be one step closer to the life I’ve always wanted.

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