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Rachael needs your immediate help with housing, medical, dental and vehicle replacement expenses after being injured and disabled TWICE in 9 years by drunk and distracted drivers.  Insurance fraudulently never paid out the claims on the first accident.  Because she was seriously injured and in constant treatment that she paid for from her own savings, after five years of being uable to work Rachael, went bankrupt and became homeless as a single woman.  With a master’s degree from an Ivy League school and a history of 20 years of hard work and professional success,  she ended up having to live in her mini van until she finally got surgery for her back injuries and disability income.  After a few more years living on next to nothing, still receiving treatment for her permanent neck injury, Rachael was feeling ready to try to get back to work at least part time.  Before she could, Rachael was hit by a drunk driver on a local freeway who was speeding at 95 mph.  He was extreme DUI, unlicensed, uninsured and fled the scene.  She was thrown back into the same state of chronic pain and disability, needing constant treatments to repair her re-injured body.  The devastation of losing her life AGAIN and having to deal with it all alone was so overwhelming that Rachael was diagnosed with severe PTSD.  She had to pay for treatment, still without help, to try to survive.

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