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While at work on May 14th, Jon felt a pop below his left ear followed by numbness in his left hand, a headache, vision changes, and slurred speech. Something was definitely off, so Jon decided to drive himself to the ER where he was immediately admitted for signs of a stroke. An MRI and CT scan revealed a tumor the size of a kidney bean surrounded by swelling. This growth had caused his brain to shift resulting in the symptoms that Jon had experienced while at work. At the time, doctors believed that his tumor was operable and a plan was put in place to perform a biopsy to confirm their findings.

On May 23rd, Jon underwent a brain biopsy where it was revealed that the swelling around the kidney bean-sized tumor was actually a tumor itself the size of a tennis ball. Because of its size and location, the tumor was no longer operable as it would likely cause a severe deficiency.

On June 4th, Jon received his official diagnosis: Stage 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma (AA3). The next step in Jon’s journey is to undergo aggressive chemotherapy and radiation in the hopes that this treatment will shrink the tumor. Throughout the whole process, Jon has maintained a positive outlook which speaks volumes about who he is as a person. Our goal is to surround this family with as much support as possible. All proceeds will go directly to the Jarema family to assist with medical and living expenses while Jon is out of work seeking treatment.

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