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Support Coleman and Lana in getting married

This is a plea on behalf of my friend and a colleague Ayub Coleman and his fiance Lana, to help them find the funds to get married on time.

Ayub is a great person and was super happy for his wedding. But unfortunately, last month our company’s CEO just fired around 14 employees, including Ayub, due to some unavoidable issues.He was working there as an assistant to the manager.

He has been making arrangements of his wedding and saving money since a couple of months, but now the only source of his income is gone.

All of his friends, including myself, are trying our best to support him for his wedding to happen on the date fixed earlier (end of March), as they have already cancelled their honeymoon plan and this is enough to compromise on and lower the budget but changing the dates and venue would be more of a loss.

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