As some may or may not know, I was born with Cerebral palsy, only affects my legs but makes activities of daily living more difficult.

A few days before Halloween 2016, I woke up out of bed and could not get up due to extreme pain in my back, this was a pain I had never experienced before so I immediately contacted my doctor. I went to the doctors he could see the extreme pain, I could barely sit in a chair. We started off with your traditional medications (Ibuprofen, lidocaine patches, muscle relaxers) nothing seemed to work after 2 weeks flew by. So I was then sent to a specialist (Sports Medicine) who thought a different muscle relaxer would help.

After trying that for a week, to no help I was sent to pain management for a consultation and in the meantime, I have filed for short term disability through work, figuring all of this is documented and all of these doctors can see I’m having difficulty, sitting and bending. (My job requires me to sit for prolonged periods of time. Well the short term disability was denied, so I filed for an appeal. I went for an independent medical exam with the insurance companies doctor. He seemed to be more concerned with my cerebral palsy in my legs and his neurological testing then anything else. I believe because of that the appeal was denied.

On January 11th 2017 I went back to my doctor, and we agreed with certain accommodations I could return to work on Jan 16th 2017. Those job accommodations have to be approved by the company who denied my short term disability. They also have to send the work release to my company of employment. It is now January 31st and they are still fiddling around and I am still not back at work. This is 3 weeks I could have been earning my paycheck and not be in the situation I am in. I even tried to sell some items online via ebay for my paypal account to be somehow tied with a relative’s account that owed over $1200 which I had to pay for my account to be usable again. So once I made money I was out money and any remaining money is being held in paypal for atleast 21 days.

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