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Hello hello kickstarter supporters! First off, I want to introduce myself. My name is Brittany Johnson aka Dani Kash and I am a mother of 2. Many people may recognize my face and know exactly who I am, as I have been working from home for about 7 years now. Being able to work full time from home and make just enough to get the bills paid each month is a blessing.

I created this Kickstarter account because I am in need of a little help. Anyone who knows me personally and is close to me knows that my first love is music. I’ve been writing poetry and songs since the age of 12. I’ve always had a passion for music of all kinds. Being able to tell a story and express yourself in a way that people can relate. I put my music on hold after I got pregnant with my son who is now 7 years old, and started working from…

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