SmartCart Shopping Cart Assistant

Shopping cart capable of mounting, connecting, and charging a smart device allowing for self check-out, and connection to store & more.

SmartCart is the shopping way of the future. The SmartCart connects you with the store and manufacturer to turn your cart into a self checkout shopping assistant.

Scan items directly into your smart device connected SmartCart, view the items on your phone or tablet, and place the item in a bag inside your cart. No need to stop at a checkout lane, make payment on your phone or tablet, or walk out of the store and a credit card on file is automatically charged. If needed small payment kiosks are available for cash and all other payments types. The kiosk would recognize your SmartCart and pull your total and cart information to the kiosk for quick and easy payment, no need to re-scan items or type in any information. No more of the- from shelf, to cart, to register, to bag, to cart, to vehicle. Instead- from shelf, to bag in cart, to vehicle, this is a huge time saver and makes shopping so much more convenient.

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