Shawn’s 4th Kidney Transplant

Hi, my name is Rashaan Alexander, but everyone calls me Shawn. From the age of 15, I have suffered from end stage renal disease. In the last 27 years, I have had 3 kidney transplants, 20 major surgeries, been on and off dialysis a combined 16 years, and spent well over 100 days in various hospitals around the country. For the past 5 years, I have been back on dialysis. I now do home hemodialysis, 4 days a week, 4-5 hours per treatment in order to stay alive. I will have to do dialysis until I get my 4th transplant.

Because I have had so many previous transplants, I have developed a lot of antibodies and I pretty much need a perfect match.  I do not currently have anyone in my family or any friends that can donate.  I have been on the waiting list since October 2011, that’s over 5 years.  I could get called tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, 10 years from now, or never.  My best chance is to find an altruistic donor, basically a stranger who is kind enough to be a living donor for me. Anyone, at any time, can donate a kidney because we only need one kidney to live.  And with the need for organs vastly outnumbering the supply of organs, people such as myself have to wait years on dialysis before an organ becomes available. People are suffering and dying waiting for a transplant and I believe that together, we can change that! I am trying to raise the funds needed for my own transplant, including pre-and post medical care. This includes $10,000 for my post-transplant medications such as Valcyte, which is not covered by Medicare for transplants, and can cost upwards of $750 a month!

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