Senior Citizens Robbed-Help Needed!

Please watch my video.

At this pont, I am broken apart.  I havent been able to eat in two weeks – since the day my sons left with everything of ours.Im bedridden

My husband and I are both senior citizens. My husband has suffered from two strokes and now suffers from partial paralysis, brain damage, severe diabetes, and Bell’s Palsy.

For the past eight years, we have suffered greatly.  We lived on food stamps and food pantries and struggled each day.Many times with no heat and hot water   Recently my husband received a small inhertance; and we put most of it toward a new home that we could live in with our grown children who moved in to help us out and to start a family business.  Money from the inhertance also went towards the family business.  We would have been ready to open in a month or so.

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