Search all Government Surplus Auction websites at once is a revolutionary search tool for buyers to search all US (Federal, State,County and City) surplus auctions.

Custom Search Engines exist for hotels, flights, car rentals, vacation homes, etc but are not capable of searching ALL US Government Federal, State, County and City surplus auction sites

Supporters of  will :

  • reach hundreds of thousands surplus auction items from one convenient location
  • sourcing items nationally or locally with ease
  • accessing auctions you never new existed.

This project was born from the cumbersome auction search process I encountered daily. My job of finding surplus items from government websites would have been much easier if there was one place I could start that connected each auction website, similar to Hipmunk for airfare and Expedia for hotels. Instead, I had to individually search 20-25 websites, loading the same keywords into each auction search bar, coping the information on to a spreadsheet and then organizing them by date so I could keep track of them. Man that sucked !

This process would literally take me days to complete. After two years and over a thousand hours of advanced software programming, a proprietary code has been written and successfully completed in Alpha testing. , currently in BETA, is stable and currently live on the internet.  It’s fast, easy to use and is pulling in over 125,000 auctions from just 22 websites into one, easy to search location. I have already identified all the surplus auction websites used at every level of US Government, including some you would never find on the web through normal search engine results.

Funds are needed to finalize adding in the additional 200+ websites to  Email and cell phone text alerts as a service and “add to Calendar” website services. We have other “verticals” to add, such as College and University surplus sites, but I’m keeping the one business vertical that is going to blow everybody’s mind a secret. Access will be available only to my supporters according to their Kick Starter level of support. The internet auction search service will never be the same after we get going in full swing.

Our revenue model is a subscription service site with other downstream opportunities such as commissioned shipping services, video training, advertising, International surplus sites and custom alerts based on keyword terms.

Your investment will provide the opportunity to grow this custom search engine and reshape the auction industry.

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