Saving Samantha

Hello, my name is Jonathan, I am starting a GoFundMe campaign page for my sister in law, Samantha Burgett (33 years of age) who has gone through nine terrible surgeries that have caused her excruciating pain over the past six years. In fact she is in so much pain that most of the time it is difficult for her to get out of bed.

The surgeries began in 2012 and the original purpose for the initial surgery was to correct an inverted chest. Since her chest was inverted it did not leave enough space for the heart and so the chest bones had to be operated on and rearranged. The surgery, if done properly, would have resulted in her feeling better with much less pain. She could have felt well enough to do the things she always enjoyed.

Sadly, as things turned out, the surgeon did not perform the correct procedure. He sawed off too much of her ribs as well as took out too much cartilage leaving little protection for her vital organs. The surgery was not completed properly which necessitated more surgeries. To make a long story short he and another surgeon (who also performed the wrong procedures) operated on her a total of seven times. These surgeries took place in the Raleigh and Chapel Hill areas of North Carolina. Each surgery did not make her situation better, but were botched, causing her more unnecessary agony. The surgeons in North Carolina were unable to figure things out and gave up.

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