Saving lives with solar power

Saving lives with solar power in humanitarian and disaster relief operations.

8.7 million displaced people currently live in temporary camps, and 80% of them don’t have access to electricity. Up to 200 natural disasters affect 160 million people worldwide every year and the majority of these involve power outages of some degree. For example, when Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in 2017 up to 3.4 million people were left without power and it took 11 months to restore power to the whole of the island. People died and hospitals had to close when diesel fuel for generators ran out.

“Puerto Rico’s apagón, or “super blackout,” is the longest and largest major power outage in modern U.S. history. Without electricity, there is no reliable source of clean water. School is out, indefinitely. Health care is fraught. Small businesses are faltering. The tasks of daily life are both exhausting and dangerous. There is nothing to do but wait, and no one can say when the lights will come back on.”  – Arelis R. Hernández, Whitney Leaming and Zoeann Murphy, December 14, 2017

The FAST FOLD solar power systems can help address the need for self-sustaining essential power in the hours, days and weeks after a disaster. They are easy to transport in to remote sites and don’t need refuelling. This enables disaster response teams to operate the equipment they need to help save lives completely self-sufficiently.

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