Save A Business From Oblivion

Dear Friend, A short while ago, our successful moving business came to a grinding halt. Both of our moving trucks (practically our lifelines) had suffered serious engine damage. As of now, both of our moving trucks are totaled and our business has stopped its daily operations. Our business and our five employees are hanging by a tread right now. After contacting several banks and personal friends for loans with zero luck-this crowdfunding platform has become our last resort. Loans are hard to come by, especially with the holiday’s right around the corner. We’ve been left with two distinct options: Either fold the company forever, or search for support on a platform like this one. Our company has decided to take a stand. Also, here’s something interesting. We’ve come to the logical conclusion that there might be foul play involved in our trucks breaking down. Our mechanic has told us there might be deliberate interference with our engines – causing us to potentially go out of business. There are plenty of coincidences, however one thing is very clear….If we don’t get the trucks back on the road (immediately) we’ll go out of business.

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