Santa’s Little Helpers

Santa’s Little Helpers is a fund to help out the patients families of Boston Children’s Hospital in times of need. If you’ve ever been to the doctor or have been admitted to a hospital, you know how expensive healthcare can be. Without proper insurance or even a decent job, the bills become a burden for these families especially during a time of year when there is supposed be to minimal stress. This can even lead to children not receiving optimal care. Sandra L. Fenwick, the President and CEO of Boston Children’s Hospital had once said “trust is the engine that drives optimal care.” Although we are not providing care directly to these children, we are helping them receive the care they need by raising money for their medical expenses that their families may not be able to afford. Santa’s Little Helpers is dedicated to raising money for those that are currently struggling to pay off medical bills for their Children or just really need a helping hand in a time of hardship. With the amount of negativity in this world today, this our chance to play a small role in making the world a bit more positive.

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