Restoring My Mom and Dad’s Home

It has never been an easy task for me to ask for help.  Having been a single parent for the first 11 years of my son’s life and having to always be the one who made a way out of no way, I found my pride constantly getting in the way… I found I’d rather go without than ask for assistance.  But I found that having that type of mind set can only hinder one’s progress towards becoming a well rounded individual who is actively seeking to become a better person every day and that at some point in one’s life you have to bow your head, swallow your pride, and admit you can’t do it by yourself…which brings me to today.

Today, I am coming forward with a humble, nervous, and hopeful heart.  When I first began thinking about starting this campaign, I can admit my nerves and anxiousness almost got the best of me, but I had to focus on why this is so important to me and what it would mean if I am able to accomplish what I am setting out to do.  Please allow me some of your time to explain.

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