Raising Angels!

Hello Friends,

The Angels’ Place (TAP) academy was the dream of my sister Mrs. Catherine Onyema Onyia (Facebook Page) after the death of her husband in 2006. A dream to see kids grow into successful young men and women, empowered by adequate education. A dream she set off to actualize asking for little in return. She invited me to join in this dream and I have never looked backed since I agreed. Unfortunately, my sister died in January 2016 from complications due to an undetected brain tumor, leaving behind 3 wonderful kids.

The Angels’ Place academy (Facebook Page), situated in Port Harcourt Nigeria, employs 12 teachers and provides quality education to 36 children for now. We would love to have more kids join us but unfortunately the school fees have been set the lowest reasonable amount to enable the school handle a quarter of the running costs while my wife Emily and I have been managing to take care of the remaining three-quarters. If we didn’t, the teachers’ paychecks and the rent for the building we use would be unaffordable.

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