Rainbow Good Crowdfunding and Fundraising Cards

Rainbow Good Fundraising Cards and Rainbow Good Crowdfunding Cards enable safe, convenient contributions to even the smallest of causes. Register at and purchase Rainbow Fundraising or Crowdfunding Cards. Host your event and hand out Rainbow Good Fundraising or Crowdfunding Cards – don’t worry, you don’t need anyone’s cell number or email address. People can quickly and easily access a donation number for you and our url address on the Rainbow Card you provided. Mobile friendly email receipts are automatically provided for each donation making Rainbow Cards ideal for accepting credit cards instead of cash for your candy bar or candle fundraisers.

Rainbow Good is discrete. You do not have to provide your picture to be published here in order to receive funds. No one will be able to perform Internet searches on your fundraising activities at Rainbow Good if you use Rainbow Cards and opt not to grab a spot on our donations page. Perfect for fundraising events, Rainbow Good is inexpensive offering free or low cost Rainbow Fundraising or Crowdfunding Cards and deep discounts on bulk orders of Rainbow Cards. We also offer other low-cost marketing solutions that help you get the word out about your fundraising drive or event contributing to even more donations for your cause.

Right now you can apply for free Rainbow Crowdfunding or Fundraising cards here:

When you hand out rainbow giving cards to people on the street without cash, it gives them the time to donate safely from home. Here are the steps for using Rainbow Crowdfunding Cards or Rainbow Fundraising Cards:

  • Step 1

Register at and purchase Rainbow Giving Cards.

  • Step 2

Host your event and hand out Rainbow Giving cards – don’t worry, you don’t need anyone’s cell.

number or email address.

  • Step 3

People go online to donate to your cause with credit cards and they can quickly and easily access your information on the Rainbow Giving Card you provided.

The technology:

Rainbow Crowdfunding Cards + online cc payments.

Free cards are offered to certain causes such as non-profits, charities, homeless shelters, etc. To apply for free rainbow cards, just email

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