PURIDEA Pro X: A Portable Wireless Power Bank

Portable 15000mAh type-C wireless power bank for business trip, not only for mobile devices, but also can works with MacBook very well

How a power bank can be improved ? More bigger capacity ? More smaller in size ? More ports ?

Have you ever had such experience that rush to go out with power bank without USB cable or taking USB cable without power bank?

Do you have latest mobile phone which supports wireless charging, but you do not want to go out with a wireless charging base, right?

Like people usually do, you take a power bank and USB cable or you think you are ahead of the trend , taking the wireless charging mobiles. However, such charging technology only can be used in fixed condition like in your office or your desk. Therefore, so called wireless charging technology in fact can not be moved with you, which are not comply with the name of technology. For consumers, the most important thing is convenience when using a power bank. You can get a port available, get power enough and continue to finish your work or deal with the emergence. A power bank with the features above is a right power bank. That’s why we’ll develop Pro X.

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