Purchase A Vehicle For Orphanage in Senegal

La Maison de la Vie (House of Life), a ministry of Awaken The Nations, is a Christian orphanage ministry impacting the Muslim nation of Senegal, Africa. Awaken The Nations-Senegal provides shelter and safety for children found in the remote villages of West Africa. This powerful ministry teaches and demonstrates the love of God by providing each child with their own bed, healthy food, clean water, clothing and also a premium quality education.

Currently, the orphanage suffers from lack of transportation to get the children to/from school, events, outings, doctors appointments, etc. it also makes it difficult to get supplies that are needed for the children. As a result, they have to rent a van/taxis at an expense of about $200 a week! This money would be better spent investing in their own vehicle, but they need our help to reach this goal and meet this need.

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