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Please Save my Family from Asbestos Contamination

For many years my father took loving care of his family – and now it’s time to take care of him. But despite my best intentions, I’m faced with a grim situation I didn’t expect.

Not long ago, I purchased the house where my family and I now live. My father was getting older, and I approached him with the idea that maybe now was the time that he moved in with my family so that I could take care of him. It was a gesture of love that I had wanted to offer to him in gratitude for the wonderful father he had been to me throughout my life. Much to my delight, he agreed with me, and we looked for a house that could accommodate all of us under one roof.

The house we found is a wonderful space, and everyone is thrilled with the way things worked out – except for one thing. It wasn’t long before I become aware of the roof’s deterioration and was worried that there may be an asbestos issue. I had it tested, and my concerns were justified. Asbestos particles had been disturbed and were being continually released into the air. It was a condition I did not notice (and was not disclosed) when I purchased the house.

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