Please help me and my sweet boy!

Please help me and my sweet little boy!  I’m a single Mom to an amazing little boy, he is my heart.  His Father and I split up when he was very young.  For the next few years, it was mostly just me and my little guy.

After working hard for over two years to rebuild our lives, we were finally in a decent place.  We lived on our own again, had our own routine, and I was working while my son was going to school.  After enjoying our new life for several months, my son’s Father resurfaced and started Court proceedings to get partial custody of our son.

Until then, he had been sporadically involved in our son’s life and offered very little support, financial or otherwise.  My son’s Father, now remarried and from a wealthy family, had virtually unlimited resources to fight for immediate, partial custody of our son, and to drag out Court proceedings in an effort to cost me out of affording legal representation.

He wanted immediate overnight visits with no gradual step up plan to reunify with our son.   Our son had spent virtually no time with his Father for over two years and had been recently diagnosed with Autism.

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