No caged immigrant children and parents

Our dear friend Yair Yepez was wrongfully detained by ICE, in Texas, on a layover flight to Atlanta. During that detention he was put under custody of a private company called Corecivic.

This private company, with a government contract,  abused Yair and continues to abuse other LEGAL immigrants. They violated his basic human rights and made a lot of money for detaining him in these conditions. But more importantly, they are doing it to thousands of people like you and me that are protected by national and international law.  And on top of that this company, Corecivic is doing it using USA citizen tax money to operate concentration camps where non-criminal are detained under inhumane conditions.The USA justice system and the people of the United States have trusted them with the responsibility of taking care of detainees and instead  they are profiting by cutting expenses of basic needs that the detainees must receive. This has to stop!

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