My friend`s dream wedding

my bestfriend is getting married in a few months and she always wanted her dream wedding witch is a Cinderella wedding she does not have family support and she does work hard and never ask’s for anything in return she is the type of person that go’s and Beyond to help someone in need she has been through so much in the last few years like fighting cancer losing her house losing her close friend and her brother’s suicide in October but after all that she keeps her head Held High with a smile and her fiance has been by her side through all of that and i want her to have the best wedding & honeymoon she can and start new like she deserves and it would mean the world to help her out with all the expenses every dollar counts and if you cant please share it i just want to be able to help her out and i know that she is having a hard time with money the wedding and honeymoon she should not have to worry about her own wedding i made this for her because she deserves to have a fresh start and not worry about things she cant even pay for her own wedding venue because they’re too expensive so i am asking for help so she can enjoy her self on her magical day like any women should on there wedding day.

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