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I have 2 Heart Conditions that may require open heart surgery in the near future. I have limited resources and fixed income as I am on SS Disability for Degenerative Joint and Disc Disease and Medicare does Not cover much Dental or Vision Care and I have a lot of Co Pays plus Medicare Premiums to Pay. I have to get Major Dental work done that is not covered by insurance to prevent any infections traveling to my heart. I also need New Eye Glasses and a Good Used Vehicle to get around to Dr. appointments, medical tests and to Church that I have missed for over a Year and a Half. I want to be able to Worship my Lord Jesus again and not be a burden to others to get places. I have to have ongoing medical tests for my heart conditions as well as other medical conditions. Please consider helping me with $5 or $10, whatever the Lord leads you to Give to help with medical, dental and transportation needs. It will be greatly appreciated. Thank You and God Bless You!

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