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I’m a producer, DJ, and musician who is writing music with the hope of opening people’s hearts. I write to help myself heal, and hopefully help others heal as well! The biggest compliment I could receive is that my music made a difference in your life in some way, and helped you to find a sense of belonging, connection, and hope.

Patreon is a way to support artists directly, sort of a modern-day patron-of-the-arts. But instead of the old model of one major patron, this a way for lots of folks to become micro-patrons and together become that bedrock of support for artists like me.

Music sales are declining, and not just a little. My iTunes music download income dropped 93% last year. 93% is not a typo – it is the new reality. Folks want music on demand, and are preferring streaming… including me! I subscribe to those same music services and the only album I bought last year (besides more than a dozen indie Kickstarter and Pledge Music projects) was Hamilton! But streaming pays much less even than those limited sales.

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