Make a homeless smile

Hello, My name is Maor Mashiach, a 16-year-old dreamer.

Ever since I was young, I had a strong urge to give back to others.

When I immigrated to the US with my family, we stayed at a hotel in NYC for a couple of days. One day, walking on the streets with my mom, I told her, “Mom, you see these homlessess here, when I get older, I will help bring a smile to their faces.”

The time is now! I have held my word throught the years, and I know that with the capabilities of the internet that we have today, everything is possible!

With your help, I want to help accomplish my childhood dream. I want to personally deliver food and basic necessities to the homeless of NYC. I want to experience the smile on their faces, and of course share it online with you (via youtube) so you can experience their joy as well.

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