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In 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer. By 2012 myself, wife and 2 children were broke, almost homeless. We didn’t ask for help, but used several local organizations to get food, presents for the kids, clothes, etc. Then one day an anonymous envelope showed up in our mailbox, containing a couple hundred dollars worth of gift cards.

Now, its is 2018, we can pay our bills, feed our kids, buy what we need, but I don’t have extra to give like I want. This gofundme is an experiment to see if I can secretly donate back to the organizations that helped us AND attend local fundraisers with the ability to donate money that will actually make a difference. If this model proves successful, my end goal is to create a non-profit designed with this purpose. $20,000 is a small amount that will help so many local people and now is a great time with the holidays coming up.

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