Let’s Help Amanda Take Her Car Back

Amanda was upset that her car was gone by home and called the police for the car stolen report but she learned that her car was repossessed on April 24th due not to pay the amount on time.  She was so devastated because she thought she did pay the amount but she missed the only October amount and she didn’t know she still owed them until she recently found the mail that was misplaced – it was a short notice of warning – left her puzzled because she didn’t work for almost a month due to her fibromyalgia and was overwhelmed with everything going on with her life.  She didn’t remember if she paid or not.  She never missed the payments, always on time.  Now she wants her car back because of work.  She didn’t want to ask for this fund because she didn’t think it was right to ask for money.  She will not be happy if I do this for her.  But I want to help her get through.  She’s been through enough.  She’s a great person.  Please help her get her car back.  She needs to pay the amount by May 8th or it will go to auto auction.

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