Leana’s Kidney Transplant Fund

Hi! My name is Reneal Leanarey Federico. I’m 26 years old. I will tell you a bit story how it all started how I get here.

I was 12 years old that time and I went for a school trip. After, that day suddenly I was not feeling well. I thought maybe I just caught a flu. I took some medicine, then sleep it off. By morning, I feel I’m so warm then I realized I have fever that you can’t imagine how high it is and because of that I threw up and don’t have an appetite at all.

They rushed me at the hospital and they confined me. I guess that is the first time I experienced that. And there is always a first time for everything. You can’t believe how I’m scared of needles. I tried to be brave once they poke me. But deep inside I’m crying. I don’t want to be called chicken because of the poke only. But it really hurt every time I will see or imagine the needles poking me. And the result of the blood works they thought it was just anemia. Then my mom saw my face she noticed that I have a butterfly rush. So, she told me that I need to see the Rheumatologists her Doctor. We went then she told me I need to do blood works. It called ANA test. To check if i have Lupus.

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