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Leadership Book Campaign Benefits Veterans

What will you discover in my new book? The latest research validates that improving your team’s leadership abilities can dramatically improve performance and revenue. Likewise, ignoring this critical need can have serious consequences, including:

  • 44% lower company revenue (Gallup)
  • 50% less employee productivity (Gallup)
  • 67% of employees & teams are disengaged (Gallup)
  • 81% of workers rate their boss as bad or average (Barna Group)

Dozens of excellent books have been written about team leadership, yet most organizations still experience serious leadership issues. In fact, only one in five workers give their leaders high marks. Hundreds of authors and experts have claimed to possess the magical formula or golden key that unlocks the secret to solving this dilemma. Virtually all of them offer mountains of research, knowledge, and recommendations, but they also require adopting entirely new habits and ways of thinking. Doing so is difficult if not impossible when so many other priorities vie for a leader’s time and energy.

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