Lawyer Costs For Custody of Atticus

Atticus is a sweet one-year-old boy who’s currently living with his biological father. His mother, Justine, struggled with post partum depression following his birth. The PPD lead to a divorce between her and the father, and in the process of leaving the father took Atticus and used Justine’s post partum depression as a reason to keep her from having custody.

Since that time Justine has saught help and had many professional evaluations of her mental health and capability to care for her baby boy. She has shown time and time, through professional evaluation, that she is capable and yearning to have custody.

Unfortunately, the biological father, Andrew, has refused to cooperate with her. She is seeking partial custody of her son (shared with his biological father), but cannot afford a lawyer to help her. Andrew currently does have a lawyer that is fighting for him to have sole custody- leaving Justine with no ability to even see her child.

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