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Laila’s Life Saving Transplant

I have setup this page on behalf of my wife Laila Roy, a 37 year old mother to three 2nd graders, to raise funds to help with the costs associated with a life-saving pancreas transplant. The constant risk of death is no joking matter and the ability to be alone doesn’t exist. She has frequent severe lows where death would be imminent if she didn’t have people around her for the times that she no longer has function to think, speak, or act for herself. Icing, orange juice, candy is always available, and she lives with the fear that a terminal sugar low could happen at any time. This is a daily occurrence and makes simple tasks such as going to the bathroom, taking a shower, or one of us running to the grocery store all but impossible alone. She exists with a very real fear of going to sleep and never waking up. She is never alone!

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