KwikBuck: The Kwikest way to Earn a Buck

The new app that puts you back in control of your Money, Time and Life.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of it all, here’s the eagle-eye view of our campaign:

1. The product is an app that instantly connects sellers with nearby buyers for safe, secure and on-demand transactions using their mobile phones.

2. We use our own lingo and refer to our buyers as Buckaroos and our sellers as Buckaneurs.

3. The sole purpose of our app is to allow users to have the independence to take back control of their lives and the freedom to choose how they live it.

4. The bigger goal is to offer an easier way to get the two things in life we all wish we had more of which is Time and Money.”

And we believe all of this is possible – with a single app and, of course, a whole lot of people.

Keep reading for more juicy details…

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