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Kitty Who Needs Major Surgery

Cupcakes is in need of a major surgery to remove a hair pin she has accidently swallowed. It has made her so weak, depressed, and she has even been afraid to eat anything due to, not wanting to have the same thing happen again. She has already lost 3 lbs since we last weighed her on oct 2, 2017. Cupcakes came into our lives in 2014, when I was pregnant with my 2nd born, from my neighbor, who had 7 other cats that were her brothers and sisters. They all died from extermination, right after she gave me cupcakes. So she is a blessing from god. She is like my daughter, she is very gentle, adores children and at night , would hop on my stomach and rest on my belly just to comfort me. The funds will only be used to cover her surgery cost. It would mean the world to me, if I could make her feel like herself again, as I hate to see any animal suffer. She has been recieving excellent care from camelwest animal hospital, and surgery most likely will be scheduled @ the animal specialty group, 1 hour away from us, in scottsdale, az. Please donate whatever you can afford. So, no donation is too small. Thank you in advance and god bless!!

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