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My best friend, mentor, and a previous coach of mine needs our help!

1% Performances is a small company with few athlete trainers and basketball coaches that train athletes from K-12 and professional athletes to the regular person.

They have been serving our community and helping our children become disipline hard working individuals. Also they have been mentoring kids to do good in school and stay out the streets.

It is my mission to keep this company running and producing more positivity through out our community. This fund will go towards the new rate of the facility and help the company run for an extra month! Without this fund the trainers and coaches will have to give a higher rate to the kids and in most cases in these urban communities the families can not afford the sessions anymore and the kids will lose many great oppurnities to better themselves.

Our mission is to keep our low rates and help as many athletes as possible. Without the help of this fund this company will fail and our trainers/coaches will be unemployed. Also on top of that the kids will be on their own and back in the streets.

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