I’ve run out of options…

I don’t usually ask for help so this was pretty hard for me to even do…

I’m a very independent guy.  I take my jobs seriously, and I snag every hour at work that they can offer.  Starting in February-March each year, I am a fulltime Lawn Care Specialist during the week and I spend my weekends as a fulltime caregiver for the mentally disabled community.  Lately, I’ve spent more time at work than I’ve spent with my fiance and I pretty much cover the bills myself.

A couple months back I got laid off from my job due to slow business.  They predicted a few months before I’d recieve the call to come back and recommended that I find a new one in the meantime.  That’s when I got the lawn care job.  But as you can imagine, lawn care doesn’t produce much revenue during the winter and so I was “laid off” yet again for the season.  I was able to pick up a job as a fulltime caregiver for mentally disabled people, which I love.  But unfortunately, that job does not pay nearly as much and I am falling very, very behind in my bills.

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