In Hour – sell your product in just one hour.

So you have watched our promotional video and are wondering why vendors and customers would post and shop on versus larger market sites?

Simple! We give vendors a market place where they are able to market and sell their products at their own price and with zero internal competition. Most marketplace sites want to prescribe to the seller how much to charge and will even set prices for their own products that make it impossible for small businesses to compete. features relatively small listing fees rather than the traditionally hefty transaction fees. Vendors have options for prime listing of their products and/or services without the premium fees and the ability to sell these products as quickly as with 60 minutes! is designed to provide retailers with options and features that provide a professional and functional marketplace where they are able to control more of the aspects that impact their bottom line. These cost savings are easily transferred and appreciated by their customers. Along with all of the standard features that consumers have come to expect like multiple payment and shipping options, the transition for product consumers will be easy to make.

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