Every Year Since 1990 during Ramadan our Sponsor an Angel of Allah used to Distribute food for needy and blue collor worker, and he used to Fund alone the campaign but this year with the will of Allah, the angel has returned back to almighty,

Our team is gathering Fund to continue the good work for that person by Distributing 3000 Food Boxes daily for breaking fast for the whole month of Ramadan. We will provide food in Sonapur Labor camp, Al Qouz Labor camp and Omar bin Abdulaziz mosque in Al Muhaisana.

Giving away food supplies to less fortunate families is a tradition in the UAE as it is also a part of our religion or what we call sadaqah, which is voluntary charity, Me and My Team we are doing this so the people don’t get disheartened if this year there labor camp don’t get food for iftar. Ali Mal Allah, head of our team, said “the main purpose of the initiative was to remind the public that there are people in this world who care for them. The core of the initiative is providing real support for the labor workers by supplying essential foods for Ramadan and showing gratitude to them “

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