HT Youth Missions Trip to Panama

Hi, My name is Luis Quisumbing, and I am a freshman in high school.  A couple months ago I heard that our Youth group will be going down to Panama for a missions trip.  My Youth Pastor, who has such a big heart for missions, wanted as many of us to go not only to help the people of Panama learn about God, but for us as well. He said that many people come back filled with the Lord’s grace. Instantly, I had a great desire to go to Panama. I believe God has put it on my heart to go. Initially, my parents said no. But after much prayer and discernment, they answered God’s calling.  So this Summer, I am going on a Youth’s Missions Trip to Panama. We are going there to help Tara and Gerritt Kenyon’s ministry in Panama. Their ministry is helping the young people of Panama get resources, counseling, hope, and healing from an abused or exploited past. I really never thought about Panama a lot before the announcement of the missions trip. It was just another country to me, but now I see this country as an opportunity. With your help  and God’s everlasting strength, I will be able to go Panama and spread the great news of God. Let me be your arms and feet as we spread God’s word in this beautiful country. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated as well.

May you be blessed more as you share you blessings. Thank you very much.

Much love, Luis Quisumbing.

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