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We are here to help! The Hope For Children Foundation is a not-for-profit, IRS 501(c)3 charitable organization, was created on April 2, 1998 to aid sexually and physically abused children, adults and their protectors. Hope For Children Foundation helps these groups access effective legal, medical and mental health expertise, and ensure that involved officials mobilize all appropriate resources available to victims.

We also seek to ensure fair and unbiased legal protection for parents of both sexes. Violence is a learned behavior facilitated by lack of awareness. Consequently, Hope For Children educates the general public, families, federal and state law-enforcement officials, members of the judiciary, prosecutors, educators, medical professionals, criminal justice professionals, family shelters, rape crisis centers, other community organizations and agencies, clergy, school and church administrators, the workplace and other leaders in the community about sexual and physical abuse and its prevention. Hope For Children addresses the special needs, services and resources unique in the spectrum of assistance when compared to those offered by other helping organizations. It fills a critical void by focusing on those situations in which our youngest victims are especially vulnerable to “falling through the cracks” or being damaged by malfunctions in the system.

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