Helping Orphaned Children of Ukraine

Please Help Us Improve Ukraine’s Many Orphanages and Abandoned Orphan Children.

Distressed Family Support ( DFS ) UK. Reg. Non profit … At DFS we can fund construction of safe, bright, modern, children’s play and sports areas.

Distressed families orphaned children of UkraineWe can also improve the lives of whole communities by funding much needed recreational and leisure centers.

We are also providing a modern state-of-the-art learning system developed by a world renowned teacher and lecturer in the field, into each of our school projects.

Mission Of DFS – To support families in Ukraine in distress due to poverty.

The NGO assists in fundraising for specific projects that benefit orphanages in Ukraine and even entire communities, in need of recreation facilities, multisports fields and leisure areas for both men and women as well as safe playgrounds for orphan children… Read More Here

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